Tradition trifft Innovation

MORGENROT started as a multinational, multicultural team. Respect for what is different and enjoyment of diversity are part of our genetic code. For us, traditional values and innovative thinking are not in conflict - they inspire each other.


Die Mission von MORGENROT ist, eine sichere und transparente Geldanlage anzubieten, die dauerhaft funktioniert.


Unsere Vision ist, Diamanten zum Bestandteil eines jeden Anlageportfolios weltweit zu machen.

Investor Relations

PE Firms, VC Companies, Business Angels: Welcome on Board!


We have already achieved a lot and could be modest with it. But let's not do it because our mission has not yet been fulfilled. Diamond-based investment concepts offer a wide range of options for investment, provision and even insurance concepts. Some of them are already in our drawer and are just waiting to be developed to market readiness. Become part of an incredible growth story. We care about the value of your equity stake!


No currency is as universal, mobile, secure and freely convertible as diamonds at the same time. Whether in times of crisis or in a boom, in the jungle or in the metropolises - diamonds are always in demand. Even the US dollar and even bitcons have to put down their arms when it comes to protecting against inflation - diamonds don't. Diamond-based financial concepts are therefore maximally scalable. 

Team Spirit

Coordinating the needs of different shareholders is a challenging task. We know the demands that venture capitalists such as venture capital companies and business angels place on their investment companies and we expressly welcome this perspective on business development. In contrast to other investments, you will not experience a conflict of objectives with us.

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