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With a diamond, you acquire more than an everlasting asset. You acquire a silent and sparkling witness of infinity. Created millions of years ago under unimaginable pressure, wealth is condensed in it in the smallest of spaces. In this way you ensure that you always remain liquid in times of crisis and achieve an increase in value that is independent of the financial markets in the medium to long term.

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Independent pricing

As the only provider of investment diamonds, our prices are consistently transparent. This means that our customers can independently obtain information, buy and sell, which results in automated sales for our partners without additional consulting and administrative work. We think: A real win-win situation for our customers and partners.

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Training, support and customer protection

From tipsters to ambassadors, we offer our partners an all-round coherent benefit program. Our simple and transparent contact management ensures that you will never again make recommendations without participating. We also offer you basic and advanced training at the highest level.

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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of diamonds. From our trainee program to the MORGENROT® Certified Diamond Tradesman™ (d/f/m) and the MORGENROT® Brand Ambassador (d/f/m), a working world full of opportunities and exciting activities awaits you.

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