Der Unterschied

We are proud to distinguish ourselves from other diamond suppliers. Our processes are designed to be lean and cost-effective. We never compromise on the quality of our goods. And we do everything for one goal: to offer our customers an investment that works over the long term.

Mehr Verantwortung

We guarantee sustainable mining, conflict-free origin and fair working conditions throughout the entire supply chain of our diamonds.

Mehr Qualität

The best is just good enough for our customers. Like this beautiful brilliant cut diamond. What makes it so incredibly rare and sought-after is its Hearts & Arrows cut. This variant of the ideal cut guarantees maximum brilliance and sparkling. You can recognize such a rare jewel in the hearts and arrows, which result from the cut pattern when you look directly from above.

Mehr Service

Service and advice are our top priority. We want you to be well informed and make a qualified purchase decision. This guarantees a long-term, trusting cooperation. That is why we maintain a network of trusted partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They take on the personal care of our customers on site. Our trusted partners answer all your questions about investment diamonds competently and discreetly.


Mehr Präzision

Seamless quality assurance runs consistently through the entire value chain of our company. From procurement to storage to sales, we continuously check all aspects of quality and safety and leave nothing to chance.

More focus

Practice creates masters. We don't want to be good in many disciplines, we want to be the best in one: investment diamonds. We therefore only offer our customers certified natural diamonds in investment quality in small, medium and large sizes. We are masters in this.  


Highest Quality

We only offer natural diamonds of the highest purity with quality certificates from the most renowned institutes.

Bonded warehouse

Safe & Duty Free

If you wish, we can store your diamonds in a high-security bonded warehouse in the canton of Zurich/Switzerland in a tax-honored and VAT-free manner.


Transparent & Independent

Our customers can independently obtain information about the current price of their diamonds at any time. This brings transparency and predictability.

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